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Adopting a child can be extremely confusing, frustrating, and difficult to achieve, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. At Walsh & Lewis PLLC, our adoption lawyers in Coeur d’Alene serve clients throughout all five Idaho counties and have more than two decades of combined experience. As a result, we are familiar with Idaho’s laws, procedures, and paperwork regarding adoptions in this state. Our attorneys can quickly and efficiently guide you throughout the adoption process while ensuring your rights and best interests are protected at all times. You can count on us to help you resolve all your family law matters in a timely and professional manner.

About Adoptions in Idaho

There are many different types of adoption, several of which include parental placement adoptions, stepparent adoptions, agency adoptions, interstate adoptions, and international adoptions. Our attorneys can explain and assist you with all types of adoptions during a free consultation. In this state, any adult is eligible to adopt a child as long as they are at least 15 years older than the adoptee or if they are 25 years old, and have not committed certain criminal offenses.

Families trying for domestic or international adoptions need to first complete an adoption home study and be approved for adoption. A home study is a written assessment of a family’s ability to care for an adopted child. These types of studies can be conducted by Certified Adoption Professionals, licensed private adoption agencies, or the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. By reading a family’s home study, a child’s social worker will be able to get a read on the family and determine if they are a good fit for the child.

Several reasons why you should hire our adoption lawyers in Coeur d’Alene and all five counties in North Idaho include:

  • We can guide you through the legal process from beginning to end while keeping you fully up-to-date about your case at all times
  • Our lawyers have more than two decades of experience in helping prospective parents with adoptions
  • We genuinely care about our clients and their children’s wellbeing

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