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Modifications of Custody and Support in Coeur d'Alene

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Whether your prior custody plan was reached by a mutual agreement or ordered by a judge, a change in circumstances can require a modification to your existing custody, placement, and/or visitation arrangements. Court orders for child custody can be modified for any number of reasons, including a change in employment status, change in financial status, moving away, and more.

Remember, it is normal for parents to have disagreements about child custody, placement, parenting time, relocation, and other matters relating to their children. However, it is still important to seek experienced legal counsel to help resolve these disputes. As such, our knowledgeable child custody and support modification attorney in Coeur d’Alene can honor your goals and champion the best interests of you and your child at all stages of the process.

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Idaho Laws on Custody & Support Modifications

In Idaho, a person may only get a modification of child custody or child support when there has been a material and substantial change of circumstances indicating to a judge that a modification would be in the child’s best interests. A child support order may also be modified to cover health insurance not provided in the original support order, however, if additional children were born or adopted after the existing support order was executed, they cannot be considered in the modification.

Idaho family court judges can be very strict in deciding whether or not a person will be granted a modification, as changing a child’s routine and environment can hold them back in personal, social, and professional ways. With this in mind, you must have a strong reason to request a custody and/or support order modification backed by compelling evidence. As such, retaining our experienced and competent lawyer will increase your chances of getting a modification request granted because they have what it takes to handle every step of the process, especially when it comes to proving the need for a modification.

Reasons to Modify a Custody & Support Order

As mentioned above, a judge will not grant a modification of custody and/or support unless there is a substantial and material change in circumstances. In simple terms, this refers to significant changes to a family dynamic that require a modification. Judges can use their discretion when determining whether or not a substantial and material change in circumstances exists in a case, but among the most common reasons you could pursue a support and/or custody modification include:

  • You got a new job
  • Your ex is unemployed
  • You are relocating to a new city or state
  • There is a change in the child’s best interests
  • Your ex had a new child
  • Your ex is noncompliant with the existing order(s)
  • You and/or your ex are experiencing financial constraints
  • You remarried or are cohabiting with a new partner
  • You suspect child endangerment
  • Your ex was released from incarceration
  • There is a change in childcare costs
  • Your ex is absent from the picture and nowhere to be found

Strategic Negotiation for Custody & Support Order Changes

Our attorneys understand that no two families are the same, which is why we go the distance to provide high-quality legal services to every client we represent. When you hire Walsh & Lewis PLLC, you get an entire team of experienced legal professionals collaborating on making the right modifications to your court order. We will keep you in the loop about your case at all times, offer effective legal counsel, and fiercely represent your best interests in and out of court.

You can trust that our child custody and support lawyers in Coeur d’Alene can help you modify your court order as smoothly as possible. Backed by three decades of combined legal experience, we have what it takes to help you resolve your family law issues and come out on top. Thus, if you need your child support and custody agreement modified, you can count on us to handle it today.

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