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Idaho state and federal prosecutors can try to take your property if you are charged with certain drug offenses or money laundering. If government prosecutors file a forfeiture action, you could lose your car, motorcycle, home, bank account, and/or other assets. Don’t let government lawyers take your property in an asset forfeiture proceeding. You have a right to an aggressive defense to save your property from forfeiture. Our attorneys are here to help.

At Walsh & Lewis PLLC, our asset forfeiture lawyers in Coeur d’Alene serve clients in Kootenai County in North Idaho. With over 3 decades of combined legal experience, and we are familiar with the forfeiture process, laws, and paperwork. Regardless of the type of crime you are accused of committing or its severity, you have rights that cannot be violated by anyone. We are here to protect your rights and ensure you keep the assets that are rightfully yours.

You can trust us to provide you with the effective representation you need and deserve. Our Coeur d’Alene asset forfeiture attorneys can assist you. 
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Asset Forfeiture in Idaho

Criminal or civil asset forfeiture is when the government seizes property or funds belonging to an individual, due to the government’s belief that said individual’s assets are connected to illegal activity. The law allows the government to seize these assets for reasons of examining evidence, stopping illegal activities, and more. However, many times, assets are wrongfully seized from individuals when the government had no right to take the property. When this happens, the individual whose assets were seized can hire an attorney who will fight the government and help recover the assets.

The federal government can take property for a variety of reasons, including:

  • If a business faces civil allegations for violating the Patriot Act
  • If the individual committed money laundering to avoid paying taxes
  • If the asset was utilized in order to commit a crime
  • If the asset was purchased with proceeds from an illegal activity

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