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Guardians for minors are in charge of their life decisions and are responsible for their wards’ well-being. The selection and appointment of a guardian are of paramount importance because that person will be largely responsible for the care of their ward. Guardians for incapacitated individuals help them with healthcare, clothing, shelter, food, safety, as well as other aspects of their life

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Guardianship in Idaho

In general, there are two classifications of guardianship. Estate guardianship is in regards to a ward’s monetary concerns. These guardians, also referred to as conservators, are in charge of the property and finances of their ward. The other type of guardianship is for a person, and that is when the guardian manages their ward’s life and healthcare treatments. A guardian’s powers and responsibilities are defined with precision and generally only based on necessity.

In essence, they are meant to cover only what the ward is incapable of doing themselves. This is in order to avoid the guardian from having too much control over their ward’s life and handling their estate improperly.

Common powers and duties of a guardian include the following, and more:

  • Report to the court the status of the ward’s financial state, including monetary and property
  • Ensure that the educational and medical services are of a high enough standard
  • Oversee and maintain the care for their ward

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