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When police investigate allegations of violence, serious charges can result. Fighting and even angry words said in the heat of the moment could lead to an arrest.

Idaho law distinguishes between assault and battery charges based on whether any contact or touching occurred between the people involved in an incident. If any unwanted touching occurred, police will level a battery charge.

If an incident only involved threats, then the police may only file an assault charge. Sometimes, if the assault or battery is serious enough, prosecutors can file a felony charge. Criminal penalties for a conviction arising from a fight or dispute can range from as little as a small fine all the way up to 30 years in prison if a weapon was involved.

Assault or battery charges can have serious consequences beyond just the potential to serve jail time. A conviction of a crime of violence can result in the automatic loss of job opportunities in healthcare, education, and childcare. Felony charges can result in the loss of gun rights and could disqualify you from working for the federal government, or on any federally funded contract, or for any federal or military facility that requires a background check.

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Protecting Your Rights and Fighting for Your Freedom

If you have been arrested for a violent crime such as assault, battery, or any other crime of violence, contact us immediately. It is essential that you get immediate legal help to secure evidence, investigate the charges, and prepare an effective defense to fight charges of assault, battery, or other allegations of violence.

Our attorneys can help identify weaknesses in the state’s case against you, exploit flaws in police investigations, and help establish affirmative defenses such as self-defense and other legal defenses. Contact us for a free consultation about starting the aggressive defense you need.

Our assault and battery lawyers in Coeur D’Alene, serving all five North Idaho counties, can handle the following types of cases, and more:

  • All degrees of felony assault and battery
  • First and second-degree murder
  • Attempted murder
  • Armed Robbery
  • Vehicular manslaughter, DUI defense
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Juvenile offenses, gang and group violence
  • Violent crimes relating to drug charges

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